Thursday, January 31, 2008

Embassy of Brazil - Report

By Joanna Shaw-EagleDecember 8, 2007

The IDB Cultural Center's special exhibition of Latin American art from sources such as embassies and ambassadors' collections includes a 2001 Honduran "Wooden Trunk Carved With Orchid Motifs".

The IDB Cultural Center's "Artful Diplomacy: Art as Latin America's Ambassador in Washington, D.C." amply lives up to its name. Visitors will find that the exhibit's fine paintings, sculptures and prints from various embassies, residences and ambassadors' private collections express the intense artistic involvement of the countries in Latin America.

The exhibit holds work in many media and eras. For example, Peru exhibits pre-Columbian art from as early as 100 B.C. with an expressive ceramic portrait vessel. It includes as well a superb 17th-century "Defense of the Holy Eucharist" in which oil pigment glistens and highlights the soldiers' embroidered tunics.